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- Objective -

Our goal is to provide the latest professional database hosting technology to our customers in a manner that is both simple and effective. Now you don't absolutely have to belong to a multiple listing service to have your own online property database. We have spent over a year and a half developing the online software to do just what you want. We believe our software should do the heavy lifting and free Realtors to sell property. We have designed it to be easy to create, and easy to update from anywhere, anytime. You can change the "look" of your pages to closely match your site effortlessly, and link seamlessly to your database from your main site.

Your database of listings is fully searchable by sale price range, rental price range, your choice of custom catagories, number of bedrooms, and number of baths.

The database is just the first part of the story though. We really started by designing what we believe is the best "Details" page in the business. The Details page is the final page selected by the prospective buyer that showcases an individual property. This is the most important page since it helps sell the property. You can see what we mean by clicking on "Interactive Demo"

No Hidden Charges - All Options Are Included at No Extra Cost!

It can, at your option, contain up to Seven Photos of any particular property. In addition, we allow for an animated mood graphic which we provide, in the event you do not have as many as three photos. These are selectable when you post your property and changable at any time. This helps to balance out the page and provides an eye-catching way of pointing out special advantages of certain properties.

We provide, at your option, an instant mortgage calculator to further enhance the functionality of your database. When a buyer goes to the details page for any property, the calculator is already filled out with the property price, your designated interest rate and term of your choice. A single click presents an instant answer for the customer. He or she is then free to try different interest rates, terms, and down payment amounts.
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We provide, at your option, a four day weather forecast for properties located in the United States. This is shown at the bottom of that Details page The local forecasts can have the effect of providing a further incentive for the shopper to make an appointment. This weather information is displayed from our servers in cooperation with the United States Weather Bureau and contains no advertising whatsoever. None of your pages will ever contain any advertising except yours, with the one exception of a very small link at the bottom of the page to us.

All Options Are Included at No Extra Cost!

- Introductory Special -

Save money today with our Introductory Offer!

Pricing as low as $39.95 per month when paid in advance on a yearly commitment. This is a limited time offer and includes up to 250 property listings. We also have 500 and 1000 property listings available. All yearly accounts receive a 25% Discount.

Regardless of which size you choose, you will receive the first thirty days Free in which to try it out with your listings. If you are not 100% Satisfied, you pay nothing. If you like it, you simply send us a check by the end of that thirty days in order to continue. Your actual agreement and contract period does not begin unless you decide you like it and you still get that first thirty days Free!

- Summary -

Save time and money by eliminating the day to day expense of a webmaster/programmer updating your properties.
No Work for your Webmaster
No Work for your Webmaster
With our hosting system, you simply do it yourself from your office or home. Anytime. Anywhere. Our interface makes it easy to learn and simple to do.

Edit, Resize, Transform, or Sharpen ImagesYour already taking your property photos yourself. Your already typing up the descriptive information and details. Why not just take a few more moments to tap a few keys and upload your own information and photos. Our exclusive online software will take your property information and automatically create eye-catching pages that will bring it all to life. Here is an opportunity to showcase your listings like never before.

You may also upload and change your site background image, colors, logo, etc., from an easy online interface. Support services to keep your database running are already included in the price. Wait! It gets better. Even if you don't have a main site (domain somewhere else) this can serve as your site. If you do already have a site, no matter how extensive, you simply link to your database here. The transistion will be seamless after you use our simple configuration interface forms to indicate your desired colors, etc...